Our experienced scientists will prepare the requested chemical intermediates either by following known synthetic procedures or by following synthesis protocols provided by the clients. If a synthetic route to your target intermediate is not known, our experienced chemists will design a fast and the most cost-effective synthetic route for timely delivery of chemical intermediates.
For example, biochemicals, fragment libraries, research intermediates, agremediates, core scaffolds, screening compounds.

Pharma Inventor Inc. has all the necessary equipments & chemistry expertise to  perform   photochemical  reactions  for  the   synthesis  of  your  chemical intermediates in an atom  economical and environmentally friendly manner.
For    example;   di-π-methane   rearrangement,  electrocyclizations,  [ 2 + 2 ] photocyclization,  Norrish  reaction,  Paterno - Büchi,  photoisomerization and sigmatropic shifts reactions.