About Us

Kashinath Sadalapure, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Sadalapure received his Ph.D. degree in synthetic organic chemistry from the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT-Hyderabad). He went to Hamburg University (Germany) & Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) for postdoctoral research works to further understand the interactions of natural products/synthetic bio-active molecules with those that support and sustain human life (enzymes, transporters, receptors).

He has been associated with pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years and he has worked for a few Canadian pharmaceutical companies (Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc., NAEJA Pharmaceuticals, Phyton Biotech LLC., Methylation Sciences inc.) and American companies (Albany Molecular Research Inc.,). He has been a key person with tremendous technical and bench experience of transforming inventive molecules into medicines. In his leadership positions at these pharmaceutical companies, he has managed multiple projects, supervised, coached, and mentored several scientists in cardiovascular, neuropathic pain, metabolic, anti-infectives, inflammatory diseases, oncology and CNS therapeutic areas.

Dr. Sadalapure is a young scientist and a treasure store of enormous technical experience in medicinal chemistry, process development and customized chemical synthesis of natural or unnatural products of high therapeutic values. He has made significant contributions to the scientific community with over 40 published research articles and innovative patents.

Dr. Sadalapure is committed to offering high quality chemistry services to biotech, pharmaceutical and University researchers worldwide while keeping the cost to a minimum.