High throughput screening of large collections of small molecules (up to 2 million chemical entities) in an automated manner is one of the many approaches medicinal chemists use for identification of hits. Typically, the hits selection process includes the following 7 steps:

1. Exclusion of hits with potential reactivity or bioassay interference
2. Re-synthesis and confirmation of hit structure
3. Re-testing and confirmation of on-target activity
4. Assessment of drug-like properties using computational analysis and early
    physicochemical and ADME measurements
5. Assessment of patent potential
6. Structure-activity relationship (SAR) evaluation
7. Ranking of hits or hit series to select the most promising for hit-to-lead step
Scientists at PHARMA Inventor Inc. have performed a number of these excursions in various medicinal chemistry projects and identified hits/ hit series that were considered promising to proceed for the hit-to-lead step.