Progressing Hit compounds from the early screening phases of a drug discovery project to Lead compounds is called Hit-to-Lead or Lead Generation process. This is a complex and iterative process involving interplay of multiple parameters such as activity, affinity, cross reactivity, off-target effects, permeability, protein binding solubility and a combination of biochemical, biophysical and functional biological approaches. In this process, the binding potency of hit compounds is usually improved by several orders of magnitude, while maintaining target specificity and favorable pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties.

Refining and selecting well-characterized and optimized lead compounds to become drug pre-clinical candidates is a long and complex process. In this process the chemical structures of lead compounds are optimally modified using synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry techniques to improve pharmaco-kinetic, pharmaco-dynamic and toxicological properties of lead compounds. This process also requires thorough characterization of lead compounds and their analogs using spectroscopic techniques such as, NMR, MS, data relating to structure-activity relationships (SAR), quantitative SAR analysis (QSAR), mode of action analysis, toxicity, efficacy, and bioavailability.

The founders of PHARMA Inventor Inc. are synthetic organic and medicinal chemists themselves with over 15 years working experience & training in the area of drug discovery. PHARMA Inventor Inc. team can guide your medicinal chemistry projects seamlessly through all the drug discovery phases discussed above. We are skilled, hard working and our highest priority is to deliver quality services to our clients in a fast paced manner.

In brief, our synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry strengths include,

• Rational drug design and retro-synthesis analysis skills for the synthesis of
   new chemical entities (hits, leads and candidates)
• Synthesis in the range of few milligrams to kilograms
• Focused Chemical Library synthesis (manual and automated platform)
• Targeted structure-activity relationships
• Lead optimization for a successful pre-clinical candidate Selection.