Novelty search, or search for patentability of a potential chemical series is a critical step in any pre-clinical drug discovery program. It helps to determine if the newly invented chemical series is novel and patentable. A patent will only be issued for the inventions that are "new, useful and non-obvious”. It is important to not disclose your research results in a printed publication or a seminar. Additionally, your invention must not be too obvious to a person having ordinary skill in the area of drug discovery & pharmaceutical research.

Scientists at PHARMA Inventor Inc., have published dozens of patents and are expert in assessing novelty and patentability of newly identified chemical series before proceeding with further investment in drug research.

We use the following databases for confirming novelty and non-obviousness of an invention:

• Delphion
• Espacenet Patent Search
• Free Patents Online
• Google Scholar
• Sci-Finder
• Scirus
• Science Direct
• Thomson Innovation
• USPTO Database
• WIPO Patent Database